Awards are given after certain levels have been met. With each award, you also recieve one merit.Edit

Combat related awardsEdit

Attacks won
Award name Requirement
Anti-social 50 attacks won
Happy Slapper 250 attacks won
Scar Maker 500 attacks won
name 2,500 attacks won
name 10,000 attacks won
Defends won
Award name Requirement
Bouncer Successfully defend against 50 attacks
Brick Wall Successfully defend against 250 attacks
Turtle Successfully defend against 500 attacks
Solid as a Rock Successfully defend against 2,500 attacks
name Successfully defend against 10,000 attacks
Escapes (times ran away)
Award name Requirement
Close Escape Run away 50 times
name Run away 250 times
name req
Best Kill streak
Strike Killstreak of 25
Barrage Killstreak of 50
Skirmish Killstreak of 100
Blitzkrieg Killstreak of 250
Onslaught Killstreak of 500
Pwnage (times attacker ran away)
Award name Requirement
Ego Smashing Award 50 enemies ran away
Underestimated 250 enemies ran away
name req
Critical hits
Award name Requirement
Boom Headshot 500 critical hits
Pwned in the Face 2500
name req
Other personal awards
Medical items used
Award name Requirement
Pin Cushion 500 medical items used
Painkiller Abuse 5000 medical items used
name req
Bounties collected
Award name Requirement
Hired Gun 25 nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Mile High Club Fly abroad 500 times

Crime merits
Name When..?
Thefts (steal from shop, pickpocket, larcency, robbery)
The Sneak Thief award! 1000 Thefts
The Cat Burgler award! used to be here, got moved.
The Prowler award! 2500 Thefts
The Safe Cracker award! 5000 Thefts
The Marauder Award 7500 Thefts (needs confirmation)
The Cat Burgler award! 10000 thefts
The Pilferer award! 12500 Thefts
Drug crimes
The Drug Pusher award! 250 Drug crimes
The Drug Runner award! 500 Drug crimes
The Drug Dealer award! 1000 Drug crimes
Computer crimes
Ub3rn00b Hacker award! 500 Virus Crimes
The N00b Hacker award! 1000 Virus Crimes
The 1337n00b Hacker award! 1500 Virus Crimes
The Ph34r3dn00b Hacker award! 2000 Virus Crimes
The Ph34r3d Hacker award! 2500 Virus Crimes
The Ph343d1337 Hacker award! 3000 Virus Crimes
The Ub3rph34r3d Hacker award! 3500 Virus Crimes
The Ub3r Hacker award! 4000 Virus Crimes
The 1337 Hacker award! 4500 Virus Crimes
The Ub3r1337 Hacker award! 5000 Virus Crimes
The Key Puncher award! 5500 Virus Crimes
The Script Kid award! 6000 Virus Crimes
The Beginner Assassin award! 1000 Murders
The Novice Assassain award! 2000 Murders
The Competent Assassin award! 3000 Murders
The Fake award! 300 Arson crimes
Counterfeit Award 600 Arson crimes
The Pretender Award 900 Arson crimes
The Clandestine Award 1200 Arson crimes
The Imposter Award 1500 Arson crimes
The Pseudo Award 2000 Arson crimes
The Imitation Award 2500 Arson crimes
The Simulated award 3000 Arson crimes
The Hoax Award 3500 Arson crimes
The Faux Award 4000 Arson crimes
The Poser Award 5000 Arson crimes
The Deception Award 6000 Arson crimes
The Phony Award 7000 Arson crimes
The Parody Award! 8000 Arson crimes

The Travesty Award!

The Pyro Award!

9000 Arson crimes

10000 Arson crimes

Grand Theft Auto
The Gone In 300 Seconds award! 200 GTA crimes
The Gone In 240 Secondsaward! 400 GTA crimes
The Gone In 180 Seconds award! 600 GTA crimes
The Gone In 120 Seconds award! 800 GTA crimes
The Gone In 60 Seconds award! 1000 GTA crimes
The Gone In 45 Seconds award! 1200 GTA crimes
The Gone In 30 Seconds award! 1500 GTA crimes
The Gone in 15 Seconds award! 2000 GTA crimes
The Booster Award! 2500 GTA crimes
The Joy Rider Award! 3000 GTA crimes
Super Booster Award! 3500 GTA crimes
The Master Carjacker! 4000 GTA crimes
The Slim Jim Award! 4500 GTA crimes
The Novice Joy Rider Award! 5000 GTA crimes
The Novice Slim Jim Award! 5500 GTA crimes
The Professional Joy Rider Award! 6000 GTA crimes
The Professional Slim Jim Award! 7000 GTA crimes
The Master Joy Rider Award! 8000 GTA crimes
The Professional Booster Award! ? GTA crimes (needs confirmation)
The Master Booster Award! ? GTA crimes (needs info)
The Master Slim Jim Award! ?GTA crimes (needs info)

Level MeritsEdit

As you level up, you gain merits. You gain a merit for every fifth level you reach.

Level related merits
Name When..?
Level Five Award Reaching level 5
Level Ten Award Reaching level 10
Level Fifteen Award Reaching level 15
Level Twenty Award Reaching level 20
Level Twenty Five Award Reaching level 25
Level Thirty Award Reaching level 30
Level Thirty Five Award Reaching level 35
Level Forty Award Reaching level 40
Level Forty Five Award Reaching level 45
Level Fifty Award Reaching level 50
Level Fifty-five Award Reaching level 55
Level Sixty Award Reaching level 60
Level Sixty-five Award Reaching level 65
Level Seventy Award Reaching level 70
Level Seventy Five Award Reaching level 75
Level Eighty Award Reaching level 80
Level Eighty Five Award Reaching level 85
Level Ninety Award Reaching level 90
Level Ninety Five Award Reaching level 95
Level One Hundred Award Reaching level 100

Rank related meritsEdit

Rank is a way of seeing how well you are doing in Torn City. You gain a merit for each higher rank you reach. Ranking up is based on pretty much everything you do in Torn City.

Rank related merits (precise order may be different)
Name When..?
The Beginner award! Gain Beginner Game Rank
The Inexperienced award! Gain Inexperienced Game Rank
The Rookie award! Gain Rookie Game Rank
The Novice award! Gain Novice Game Rank
The Below Average award! Gain Below Average Game Rank
The Average award! Gain Average Game Rank
The Reasonable award! Gain Reasonable Game Rank
The Above Average award! Gain Above Average Game Rank
The Competent award! Gain Competent Game Rank
Highly Competent award! Gain Highly Competent Game Rank
The Veteran award! Gain Veteran Game Rank
The Distinguished award! Gain Distinguished Game Rank
Highly Distinguished award! Gain Highly Distinguished Rank
Pro Award Gain Pro Rank
Star Award Gain Star Rank
Master Award

Gain Master Rank

Outstanding Award Gain Outstanding Rank
Celebrity Award Gain Celebrity Rank
Supreme Award Gain Supreme Rank
Idol Award Gain Idol Rank
Champion Award Gain Champion Rank


Nobody knows exactly what networth is, but most people agree it is based on the amount of money you have made by crimes (either gaining cash, or selling crime items in the shops).

Networth merits (precise order may be different)
Name When..?
The Apprentice award! 1,000,000 Networth
The Millionaire award! 5,000,000 Networth
The Executive award! 10,000,000 Networth
The CEO award! 25,000,000 Networth
The Entrepreneur Award 50,000,000 Networth
The Magnate Award! 100,000,000 Networth
The Tycoon Award! 250,000,000 Networth
The Mogul Award! 500,000,000 Networth


Lots of people get married in Torn City, but only some stay together for a very long time. This commitment to eachother is rewarded with a merit!

Commitment merits (precise order may be different)
Name When..?
The Silver Anniversary award! Stay married for 50 days
The Ruby Anniversary award! Stay married for 100 days
The Sapphire Anniversary award! Stay married for 150 days
The Emerald Anniversary award! Stay married for 200 days
The Gold Anniversary award! Stay married for 250 days
The Diamond Anniversary award! Stay married for 300 days
The Platinum Anniversary Award! Stay married for 350 days
The Double Silver Anniversary Award! Stay married for 400 days
The Double Ruby Anniversary Award! Stay Married for 450 days
The Double Sapphire Award! Stay Married for 500 days
The Double Emerald Award! Stay Married for 550 days
The Double Gold Award! Stay Married for 600 days
The Double Diamond Award! Stay Married for 650 days
The Double Platinum Award! Stay Marrief for 700 days

The Triple Silver Award!

Stay Married for 750 days
The Triple Ruby Award! Stay Married for 800 days
The Triple Sapphire Anniversary award! Stay Married for 850 days
The Triple Emerald Anniversary award! Stay Married for 900 days
The Triple Gold Anniversary award! Stay Married for 1000 days
The Triple Diamond Anniversary award! Stay Married for 1500 days

Faction membership meritsEdit

Also, being a long-time member of a faction is rewarded with a merit

Commitment (faction) merits (precise order may be different)
Name When..?
The Apprentice Faction Member award! Same Faction for 100 Days
Committed Faction Member award! Same Faction for 200 Days
Loyal Faction Member Same Faction for 300 Days
Dedicated Faction Member award! Same Faction for 400 Days
Faithfull Faction Member Award Same Faction for 500 Days
Allegiant Faction Member Award Same Faction for 600 Days
Devoted Faction Member Award! Same Faction for 700 Days
Dutifull Faction Member Award! Same Faction for 800 Days
Flawless Faction Member Award! Same faction for 900 Days
Honorable Faction Member Award! Same faction for 1000 Days

Jail busting meritsEdit

Breaking people out of jail is very much appreciated by the less law-abiding citizens of Torn City. So much even, that it earns you a merit once in a while.

Busting merits (precise order may be different)
Name When..?
The Novice Buster award! Bust 250 people
The Intermediate Buster award! Bust 500 people
The Advanced Buster award! Bust 1000 people
The Professional Buster award! Bust 2000 people
The Expert Buster award! Bust 4000 people


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