Torn City is a criminal text-based MMORPG which is owned and developed by the Chedburn Network. It has around 213,607 members who each attempt crimes, go to the gym, have a job and fight each other. The main focus of the game is on urban life and criminal activity.

Torn City is a digital world where you can do almost everything. Examples what you can do, including working, committing crimes, attacking, gambling, trading and partake in faction life.

Players of the game must try to get the highest statistics, primarily represented as a level. The value of the level is numerical and is dependent on the player's body stats and crime experience.

The game was founded in early 2004, with the game entering a stable non-beta stage in November 2004. The administrators of the game are Chedburn and Quacks, who also work on the other game developed by the Chedburn Network, Final Earth.

The game has had many considerable improvements and additions since its release, including the addition of an item market, an auction house, drugs and the ability to travel to other destinations.

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