To train, one must become a member of a gym. In the newspaper, there are two choices available. Woody's Workout Club, and Average Joe's Gym. Woody's costs $100 to join with each training session using up 5 energy per repetition. Joe's costs $25,000 to join with each training session using 10 energy per rep. The player also must be level 10 to join Joe's gym. Training at Average Joe's gym gives you slightly more stats than training in Woody's Workout Club and uses slightly less Happy.

When the player trains, there is a maximum number of reps which can be done based on the player's energy, stated on the page, as well as a box to input how many reps the player wants to do and which training to do. Most characters on Torn City like to keep one or two statistics high, defence low, and the other slightly below average.

All stat gains are based on exponential growth, meaning that the higher your stat is, the more you gain.

Visit the TORN CITY Personal Trainer to see which stat you need to exercise most.

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