Once a player reaches Level 15, he is able to travel to certain destinations

This is a list of all currently available destinations and the time needed to travel to each of them:

Mexico 20min (14 min with Airstrip)
Canada 37min (26min with Airstrip)
Cayman Islands 57min (40min with Airstrip)
Hawaii 2h 1min (1h 25min with Airstrip)
United Kingdom 2h 32min (1h 47min with Airstrip)
Switzerland 2h 49min (1h 58min with Airstrip)
Argentina 3h 9min (2h 13min with Airstrip)
Japan 3h 23min (2h 22min with Airstrip)
China 3h 39min (2h 33min with Airstrip)
United Arab Emirates 4h 19min (3h 1min with Airstrip)
South Africa 5h 11min (3h 37min with Airstrip)

Each destination has it's own items and item prices. A player can initially bring only 5 items back, but can increase this number by buyinb Suitcases (E.G. with a Medium Suitcase, a player can bring back a total of 8 items)

Travelling inflicts the economy in many ways, since it can be a decent way to make profit, as well as to save up, but it also allows many more things to be done, E.G. In Cayman Islands you can put Money in a savings account by paying a 3% fee, but this Money can only be withdrawn by you when visiting Cayman Islands, making it nearly impossible for it to be stolen

While travelling, players can also attack other players, possibly mugging them for some extra income, or just to cover the fees of travelling itself

There are multiple ways to reduce travelling time, one of which is having a Private Island with an Airstrip, which greatly reduces the time needed to travel to various Destinations

In South Africa, players are given the option of Hunting, investing Money and Energy but gaining even more Money back and also increasing their Hunting Stats. There are three known Merits that can be gained by Hunting

In China, players can get a "Prediction" (Players can pay Money in order to find out how close they are to their next Levelup)